performance at the exhibition YouRomantix opening.
(moving pictures start at 3’56”)

adhesionvilnius2 adhesionvilnius

adhesion is a art collective of three people: a dancer, Kaspar Aus, and two instrument players, Villem Jahu and Hannah Harkes. The collective was formed sometime in the winter of 2013-2014.

adhesion appears mostly through performances using body-space-movement tactics.

adhesion evades performances that occur on proper “stages“. It prefers to dwell in more intimate places : small kitchens, elevators, toilets, baths, bedrooms…

The venue (or the exact location within a venue) is a determinant factor in shaping the performance. The limited space of a chosen venue holds a tense relationship with the magnitude of the sound – the space becomes malleable through the combination of silence and loudness.
The dancer responds through his bodily movements to the sound as well as to the energy that exists in the space between the observers and the performers, trying to find the spirit of togetherness and creating a totally new reality together with sound in the imagination of the people present. The rule of dance is that there are no fixed points in the space. It flows and emerges in the present moment and can express within its own limits whatever it expresses.